Nasofix Review – Could it really replace Rhinoplasty?

I really do not want to make a review about Nasofix as number 1, I dont want to post before and after pictures of mine and number 2, people will know how bad my nose was. But I really think that this product really deserves a spot on my ageing blog.

So I bought this plastic thing straight from Singapore since it is not available here in the Philippines. Actually I thought I need to order straight from Switzerland good thing we have it here in our neighbor country.

So the device is basically plastic, I thought it was metal at first due to its color (Gray). It was boxed but if you will order thru mail, they have to remove the box or pay custom charges. I am lucky I picked it up straight from their store so it is boxed (As if may epekto ang box)

Anyways, It says : Use the device 10 to 20 minutes a day twice a day for maximum results. So that is what I did. I don’t see any changes during the first 10 days as what they said so I really think the device doesn’t work……… I also do not feel heat from the device and the label says “Thermasilica will product heat and this is normal and will not cause injury”

So I really think I have a defective device at hand.

But then, my persistence paid off. While I was at work my co-worker told me that my nose is a whole lot pointier and thinner. I looked at the mirror and I do not see anything. So what I did wrong was: I DID NOT TOOK A BEFORE PICTURE so immediately at that same day (which was day 17 of my use) I took a picture and you can see it below:

I just blurred my eyes for privacy. Anyways I took this picture 17 days after nasofix and this was the nose my office mate noticed that got “thinner” meaning, my nose was a lot worst than this. Apparently, if we see our self everyday we cannot notice the changes that is why I took this one.

Finally, I took another picture after 35 days of using Nasofix

Amazingly, It really improved the definition on the tip of my nose and slimmed down my nostrils. I am very happy and surprised with the results at the same time, quite embarrassed on making this review 🙂

I really recommend this product, costs around 2,000 pesos and only available in Singapore/Switzerland though the company says they might launch a website next year (Aug to Dec 2010) to make it available to anywhere in the world.

I actually bought 5 of these and gave it away to my friends who I knew needs it badly. ^ ^ It was well worth it.


9 thoughts on “Nasofix Review – Could it really replace Rhinoplasty?

  1. Hello Is Nasofix really work on nose .. i have a wide and bulbous nose … really u felt very good changes .?? Ur before after picture is surprised for me ..Very good Changes

  2. Hi! I really appreciate you posting this review. The only part i’m very insecure about is my nose. And I really wamna buy this but i’m not sure if its worth my money. But seeing this, I think I will buy. Sana lang that’s true :)) thanks a lot!

  3. thats great! ive been using it for 5 days now and honestly its a working progress but you got great results!

  4. can you send me the pic when u placing nasofix on your nose ?
    my nose problem kinda the same as your nose and im still not sure to put it on properly .like which areas .
    thank you

  5. Looks great! Im super excited I’ve been using my nasofix now for four days & believe its going to leave great results such as yours. What do ya know, a simple little device like this can literally change someone’s life; wish they would have made it sooner. No guilt, no pain, no financial strain nose enhancer. 🙂

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